Conversations with my….parents: Foosball is the Debbil!

Published January 10, 2015 by Rebecca Martin

Normally I post about the unknowingly comical things that come out of my mother’s mouth. But today was a double-whammy in the Martin household. Mom had just returned home from Saturday afternoon errands when…

Mom: I started to go to Wal-mart, but there was a big line. Then I got to Harris Teeter and there was a big line there too. Then I remembered tomorrow’s the Super Bowl.

Dad (as if she’s insane) Tomorrow’s not the Super Bowl!! (momentary pause.) Is it? (Comes into the den aka “the library” where I’m listening to “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child.) Rebecca, is tomorrow the Super Bowl?

Me: *shrugs*

About two minutes later, for the benefit of the entire household, Dad declares, “The Super Bowl’s February 1.”

*crickets* then…

Me: You looked up information on the Internet that is completely irrelevant to everyone in this house?

Dad: *sheepish-grin-shoulder-shrug combo* What can I say, I like to be informed.

Knowing him, he wants to be able to talk to his co-workers about the game, even though he’ll only look at the recaps on the news the next day. This happens during the World Series, too.


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